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How do I delete a post?

To delete a post you have made, click the "Edit" button on the bottom-right corner of the post. There will then be an option that says "Delete".

How do I edit a post?

To edit a post you have made, simply click the "Edit" button on the bottom-right corner of the post. There will be several options there, but if you want more options, you can click "Go Advanced".

How do I get rid of the formatting options?

By default, when you make a post (in both quick reply and advanced reply), you are presented with a number of options such as colour, size, and font. If you do not want these options, you can turn them off under "options" in your control panel.

How do I post?

There are two different ways to post - quick reply, and advanced reply. Quick reply is the box at the bottom of a thread that you view (unless a thread is closed, in which case you cannot reply), and is used for a short, speedy reply to a thread. If you want to add attachments, smilies etc, then you would use advanced reply - which you can access by clicking on ____ underneath the quick reply box.

"Message Editor Interface"

When posting messages to the forums or other members, there are three interface types available. The simplest of these is a simple text box, while the last is an editor which allows you to format your text as you want it and see the results immediately. You can choose which one you want by going onto "Control Panel", and then "Options".

How do I get multiple quotes in a post?

See "What does the "Quote +" button do?"

How do I put a picture into my post?

There are two ways of doing this. You can attach a picture, by clicking on the "attachment manager" when you post using advanced reply - or you could upload your picture to a site like After you have done this, you can copy and paste the img code of the picture (the one with [IMG] tags around it) into your post.

What are thread labels, and how do they work?

When you post a thread, if it has potentially triggering material or mentions eating disorders, sexual abuse, etc, you should label it to ensure the safety of others. There is a drop-down list next to the thread title field that allows you to do so. Forum moderators can also edit posts to add in or remove labels.

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