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How do I challenge another member?

You can challenge a member in the arcade by going to their profile and clicking on the link that says "Challenge me in the RYL arcade".

How do I add games to my favourites?

In the game listings, there is an icon which looks like a heart and a plus sign next to every game. If you click the icon, the corresponding game will be added to your favourite games, which can be accessed along with the other game categories.

How do I find out if a member has any high scores?

To find out if a certain member holds the high score of any games, simply click on their name in any post they've made. From there, you can also challenge them.

What is the RYL arcade, and where can I find it?

RYL now has its very own arcade; comprising of a large number of games to play. You can even challenge other members to any game. You can find the arcade underneath the Fun and Distractions forum in the forum listings.

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