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Welcome to RYL's Live Chat!

Currently, when you first enter into the chat room, you will be directed into the room called General Chit-Chat, which is for general conversation and trigger free topics. If you wish to go into one of the four rooms that are for supportive conversations (two of them mixed general and support), then all you have to do is look to the top right of the chat window and click on the little door icon with a green arrow. That will take you to a list of rooms where you're able to pick which one you would like to join.

Remember to abide by all of RYL's rules to maintain a safe and supportive atmosphere. If you neglect to follow the rules put into place you could be facing a ban from the entire site. Please be aware that every line of chat is logged, as are all IP's and member names. Private Messages (whispers) do remain private - however the RYL rules do still apply nonetheless.

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